January 23, 2018

TriBuys Going Out Of Business

Ron Saetermoe

I received a very sad email yesterday from Cameron and Jennifer of TriBuys – the wonderful store they started in 2007 is closing.

It’s a sign of the times unfortunately. Just within the last year we’ve seen four local institutions close: TriBuys, Fleet Feet, Ladera Cyclery and Ciell Cycling. It seems strange that the sport of triathlon is still growing but the businesses that support it are failing left and right.

Personally, I think a lot of triathletes can put off the purchase of a new bike, shoes or a wetsuit but they’ll continue to scrape together the money to race. I know I’m that way. Training and racing are in my blood. Sure, I’d love to get the new Zipp wheels but I’ll put the purchase off another season. I won’t, however, miss IM California 70.3 or IM Arizona!

We will miss all four of these businesses and I wish their owners the best.

11 A. Marconi (near Muirlands & Bake Parkway)
Irvine, CA 92618

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