January 22, 2018

Adaptation period

Ron Saetermoe

Here at Triathica we prescribe to the concept that your training year should be “periodized.” That simply means that the nature of your workouts will evolve as you get closer to your “A” (most important race of the season) race.

In our model, the first of five periods is called the “adaptation” period. This is the period way out front of your “A” race. It is also the period where you’re just coming back to working out after a hiatus or lull period.

Last year my “A” race was Ironman Arizona. After my big race I cut back on my training and have ignored any semblance of dieting. However, I’ve just completed my fifth week of my adaptation period.

The key things about the adaptation period are:

- You start back to a routine training schedule
- You maintain a light volume of training and moderate intensity
- You may incorporate some cross-training such as roller blading or skiing
- You’re likely to be sore because you’re getting back into your routine again
- You may miss workouts here and there without guilt

Here’s what the ideal Triathica year looks like:

We feel that three, three-week cycles within each period is optimal for building fitness and recovery. The adaptation period is a necessary step so you can return to your training without injury or sickness.



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