January 22, 2018

Base Period

Ron Saetermoe

Two weeks ago I discussed the Adaptation Period of your training year. Most triathletes are probably still in this period now and looking forward to the Base Period.

The base period is when you’ll start building your “base” fitness, which will carry you through the rest of the year. At Triathica, all of our periods last nine weeks, but if you have time in your training schedule, it would do you good to add a couple weeks here in the Base Period.

By now your body should be quite adapted to a regular training regimen. You may still experience some muscle soreness, but it shouldn’t be as bad. Continue the hot/cold treatment to help relax the muscles and reduce the swelling.

One week from now I’ll be beginning my Base Phase of training. Keep in mind that no one trains exactly according to the ideal schedule. There are many factors that impact it. Family commitments, business travel, illness and other races. For this reason, you’ll need to back off on your training from time-to-time. When you do this, don’t try to make up for lost workouts. Depending on how many days you’ve missed you may have to ramp back up slowly.

I’ve been doing some half marathons so that obviously takes me out of my normal training routine. When it does, I gradually return to my training plan.

The key things about the adaptation period are:

- You attempt to stay on your training plan as much as possible
- You increase your training volume and intensity
- You regularly include resistance (strength) training
- You shouldn’t be as sore as you were in the Adaptation Period
- You include “brick” workouts every week (one to two)

Here’s what the ideal Triathica year looks like:

Again, we feel that three, three-week cycles within each period is optimal for building fitness and recovery. The time to build strength, speed and endurance is upon you. Make the best of it!



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