January 23, 2018

Fundraiser Recap

Sara Davis

First of all, thanks to everyone that attended my fundraiser Monday to help me get to the Sprint World Championships in Australia.  It was definitely a huge success.  Triathica helped out a ton with contributing to the raffle and all of the support for which I am very thankful.  It was a wonderful gathering of friends, family and even some people who I have never met before, but wanted to help out a local athlete.  It made me very excited and I felt so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life.

I also want to give a special thanks to my friends who lent their musical talents for the night.  You guys sounded great.  In the end, the fundraiser helped me pay for my ticket to Australia so thanks to everyone!

When I get to Australia I am doing it the cheapest way I can.  My friend Lindsey told me about couchsurfing.com which is an organization where world travelers let other world travelers stay on their couch or in an extra bedroom while you are visiting and will sometimes even act as personal tour guides.  She said it was an amazing way to meet people and make life-long friends.  I am either doing that or staying at a friend of one of my waterman’s teammates, Micah Carlson knows in Australia.

Either way I am excited to meet new people.  I have traveled to other countries on my own before so I totally comfortable in a new environment.  Four days before the race I will be staying in a condo at the race site that my friend has set up for me with five older triathletes that always win their age groups.  It’s a good environment to be in since they are all very serious and ready to win.

I really don’t know what to expect at World Championships, but it has to be a huge event.  There are socials, parades, opening ceremonies, etc.  I almost feel as though I am going to the Olympics.  My nerves haven’t hit me yet, but I am very excited to experience something completely new.  I never thought that after only my second season of triathlon I would qualify for world championships!  Well, I will let you all know how it goes and thank you everyone for all of your support!  Train hard while I’m gone!

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Winter Training Facility

Ron Saetermoe

It may be smoldering hot outside now, but in the next month or two, you can expect things to change.  The days will get shorter, and the air colder.  It may be hard for you to get all your workouts in due to weather or dislike of riding in darkness.  That’s where Triathica comes in.

We have literally everything you need to get your workouts in, all in a cozy, climate controlled facility.  Don’t let the comfort fool you.  Indoor training is the perfect way to focus on your workout and your workout alone.  No worrying about cars, obstacles, visibility, flat tires, waiting for a lane, wearing a jacket, etc.   Everything is in a controlled setting which helps you take your workouts to the next level.

With the racing off season and winter approaching, we’re announcing our best deal to date . . . one that will probably NEVER be repeated . . . a six-month membership for just $180.00!!!  This is a huge savings off our standard membership of $50 a month.

We know the economy is tough and many of you have been holding off on spending any extra money.  However, we also know how dedicated you are to the sport of triathlon.  So we’re hoping that this offer will get those of you that are on the fence to come on in and “train like a triathlete.”

Here’s how it works:  Enroll in any of our four memberships from September 1, 2009 to September 30, 2009 and you will get to train here at Triathica for just $180.00 ($30.00 per month).  Your fees are due upon enrollment but we do have a monthly installment option of $210.00, or $35.00 per month.

Your membership begins October 1, 2009 and runs through March 31, 2010.  If you want to come in before October 1st to train you will need to buy a regular membership for $40.00 (for an “associate” membership) until October 1st (for the month of September we’re bringing back the three training zone assessments in swim, bike and run with your paid membership — a $150 value.)

Our thought is that with winter coming and daylight savings going, you’ll want to do more of your training indoors.  And what better way than with our PowerTap spin bikes, CompuTrainers, an Endless Pool, and Landice treadmills, the smoothest and most quiet treadmills you will ever run on?

Give us a call or come on in. 949.273.6223, Jarrett@triathica.com or 26475 Rancho Parkway South, Lake Forest

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Jarrett Pflieger

This is just a quick reminder of things coming up at Triathica.

ITU Sprint Triathlon World Championship roundtable August 27th at 6:00 p.m.
It appears that Orange County will be well represented with the contingent going to Australia for the World Sprint Championships, including a number of Triathica members.
We thought it might be beneficial for everyone interested to get together and talk about his or her last-minute tips and just get to know one-another. Therefore, Triathica will be hosting a roundtable on Thursday, August 27th at 6:00 p.m. for everyone that has qualified for Worlds. This event is FREE!!!
Those that have been to Worlds before can share their stories and probably provide some good advice regarding travel, workouts and the competition they can expect.
Please call 949.273.6223 or email jarrett.pflieger@triathica.com to RSVP.

CPR/AED certification August 28th 6:00 p.m.

What would you do if something terrible happened to a family member, friend, or training partner? Would you know what to do if a good friend went into cardiac arrest on a training ride? Are you going to hope it never happens to you, or decide to be prepared just in case it does?
All people, especially athletes, should learn the CPR techniques for saving the lives of their training partners, close friends, relatives and colleagues in a time of need. Please join us on August 28th at 6:00 p.m. at Triathica to learn these valuable techniques and life saving skills. The cost of the class is $60 per person.
Please call 949.273.6223 or email jarrett.pflieger@triathica.com to RSVP.

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Movie Night

Movie NightPeriodically we plan on having a social gathering at Triathica.  Our first event of this nature will be this Friday night.  Come by and enjoy the 2008 Ironman World Championships and some pizza with us . . . on us (FREE).

Date:  Friday, July 10th
Time:  6:00 p.m.
Showing:  2008 Ironman World Championships
Serving:  Pizza

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CompuTrainer MultiRider

One of the pieces of equipment that sets Triathica apart from the rest is our CompuTrainer MultiRider system. The only one of its kind in Orange County, this unique piece of equipment allows you to ride on some amazing bike routes from around the world, and right in your backyard.

In reality, our CompuTrainer room permits three types of set-ups:

1. Real Bike Course Video: Ride the Ironman courses from Arizona or Coeur d’Alene (single rider)
2. 3-D Interactive: Ride courses from around the world (two riders)
3. MultiRider: Ride courses from around the world (up to six riders)

In addition, the CompuTrainer has “Spin Scan” Pedal Stroke Analyzer that allows you to review your pedal stroke to improve your efficiency.

Come on in and ride with us. Your first Triathica visit is “on the house.” Our walk-in rate is $20.00 for non-members and $15.00 for members. Buy a 10-pack which is $15.00 per session for non-members and $10.00 per session for members.

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12-Week Triathlon Training Camp

Triathica is pleased to offer a 12-week triathlon training camp specifically designed for those participating in the Orange County International Triathlon on Sunday, September 27, 2009, and beyond. The camp is suitable for athletes of all levels.
Click here to sign up

  26475 Rancho Parkway South, Lake Forest, CA  92630
  July 11, 2009 (12 weeks)
  6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.
  Your head coach and president of Triathica is Ron Saetermoe. Ron has been in the sport of triathlon since 1983 and has completed over 100 races. His years of experience assure your triathlon success. Ron is a certified triathlon coach through USAT. Your assistant coach is Jarrett Pflieger. Jarrett is the facility director at Triathica and is a USAT certified triathlon coach.
  The Triathica 12-week triathlon training camp includes 12, one-hour classroom sessions. Each session will cover a separate topic with the purpose of giving you the knowledge you need to confidently complete your 1st, or your 101st triathlon.
  The following topics will be discussed: Week 1. triathlon basics, Week 2. triathlon safety, Week 3. triathlon training plan, Week 4. triathlon nutrition, Week 5. triathlon flexibility, Week 6. triathlon strength training, Week 7. triathlon swim, Week 8. triathlon cycling, Week 9. triathlon running, Week 10. triathlon transitions, Week 11. triathlon race strategy, Week 12. the OC International Triathlon course
Training Plan:
  Included with your enrollment is a 9-week triathlon training plan. The plan will detail your daily workouts right up to race day. A $170.00 value!
Training Zone Assessments:
  Have you ever wondered what your training zones are? Did you know they’re probably different for each sport? Every "camper" will receive free training zone assessments in swimming, cycling and running — a $150.00 value!
Triathica Tri Top:
  Included with your enrollment is a Triathica tri top. A $75.00 value!
  Our workouts are open to everyone (campers and non-campers). – Wednesday’s 5:30 p.m.: open-water swim at Big Corona – Saturday’s 7:00 a.m.: bike ride originating at Triathica – Sunday’s: 7:00 a.m.: runs originating at Triathica
Athlete Fitness:
  You should be in good physical condition and have no medical reason or impairment that might prevent you from participating in strenuous physical activities. We strongly recommend that you consult your physician prior to enrolling in this camp. Athletes of all levels are encouraged to enroll in the Triathica 12-week training camp.
  We will cover all of the essential equipment, apparel and nutrition during our first training session. See the Triathica website for a complete list of items you’ll need to compete. Triathica Triathlon Checklist
OC International Triathlon Course:
  You will have an opportunity to ride and run on the OC International Triathlon course during some of our workouts. This is an “Olympic” distance course (1.5k lake swim, 40k bike, 10k run) and is considered “challenging.”
More Information:

Website: www.triathica.com Telephone: 949.273.6223 Email: info@triathica.com
Click here to sign up

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Competitor Magazine Ad

Triathica is excited to announce its first advertisement has been published in the June issue of Competitor Magazine. You can find the ad on page 17 of the publication.

This ad is the first of a series of four that will help show the meaning behind the Triathica brand and what the triathlon training center is all about. It features a background photo of a stunning tropical landscape with the text, “A mystical place awaits those with a desire to challenge themselves… a place undiscovered… a place called Triathica…”

It may seem odd to associate a triathlon-training center with a remote tropical island, but this has been the vision of Triathica president, Ron Saetermoe, from the very beginning. Ron envisioned a destination, free from distractions, where athletes could gather to dedicate themselves to their training and increase their physical capabilities. What better place to train without distractions than a remote island? Perfect weather, perfect scenery, and free from the worries of everyday life that hamper your training and keep you from reaching your goals. These are the images we want to convey with the Triathica name and brand.

Triathica is a physical manifestation of this idea, except our tropical island is actually an office building in a business park in Lake Forest, CA. We may not have an ocean or palm trees, but when you come to Triathica you can focus on one thing and one thing alone, training and getting better at triathlon and multisport.

Stay tuned for our next ad in the July issue of Competitor. It will introduce two individuals and tell the story of how they discovered how Triathica could transform them into better triathletes.

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OC Register Article

June 8, 2009 – 12:00 AM

Triathlete training center opens in Lake Forest


LAKE FOREST A fitness center dedicated to triathletes and a multisport lifestyle has opened in Lake Forest.

Triathica, LLC – the first of its kind in Orange County – will provide training and coaching for athletes who swim, run and cycle. The fitness center will cater to a sport that is generating interest throughout the world.

The center will provide tools and training to make its patrons fit for these grueling events. Certified coaches can develop a training plan for those planning to participate in an upcoming race.

“You don’t have to start out with an Ironman triathlon and train 20 hours a week, said Ron Saetermoe, president of Triathica in a statement. “There are many other events suited for different abilities and commitment levels. There is also no other sport in the world where you can compete side by side with the pros.”

Triathica is at 26475 Rancho Parkway South.

Link to the OC Register Article

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Triathica Grand Opening Celebration

It was a landmark occasion for multisport athletes in Orange County on May 31st as Triathica, a one-of-a-kind “triathlon training center,” opened its doors to the public in a Grand Opening celebration. The event was highlighted by special guest speaker and Olympian Julie Swail Ertel, a pro triathlete and Irvine resident, who talked about her experience at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Her inspirational tale was just one of many exciting events that took place at Triathica, located off Bake Parkway in Lake Forest.

Guests were treated to giveaways, catered lunch, an expo with shopping booths, guest speakers, as well as the Triathica team giving a first-hand look at everything the training center offers. “I wanted everyone to get a real taste of what we do here and see how we have the tools and resources to lead people into success in triathlon whether it’s their first or 50th race,” said Triathica president Ron Saetermoe. Such services include in-depth bike fitting, video analysis tools, coaching, training plan development and more.

Triathica staff got their hearts pumping to demonstrate the state-of-the-art-equipment filling the facility. Saetermoe jumped in the Endless Pool to swim, while another Triathica staff member pedaled away on the CompuTrainer on a ride that simulated the Orange County Triathlon bike course. Guests, too, had the opportunity to workout on the equipment, which also includes a full set of CycleOps indoor spin bikes with power meters, Landice L9 treadmills, strength-training equipment and more.

“It may be an individual endeavor to do a triathlon, but we’re all in this sport together—we can train together and it can be fun, it’s not intimidating. Bring your bike by or your running shoes and let’s get to work,” said Facility Director, Jarrett Pflieger.

Triathica invited multisport experts to talk to guests about triathlon and how Triathica can benefit athletes of any level. Among the speakers was Kevin Koskella, one of the top triathlon swim coaches in the nation with more than 27 years experience; Russ Jones, a longtime elite athlete who gave some insider tips to success at the local Pacific Coast Triathlon; Mike Collins, a former pro triathlete and current president of Multisports OC and head coach for Nova Aquatics; and Larry Davidson, an accomplished triathlete who’s competed in the coveted Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Outside the facility, a mini expo featuring local businesses gave guests a full look at multisport lifestyle. Among the vendors were Wheels on Wheels, Joint Juice, OC Nutrition, Roketti, Edge Cyclesports, GoTein, NutriShop, TriSwimCoach.com, TriZone, and PureFit nutrition bars. Triathica plans on working close with local businesses to make sure customers are getting the best services offered in the area.

“We are here to train and coach athletes in a place where they can swim, bike and run under one roof, and we want to maintain relationships with the local multisport community to ensure the customer is getting the most out of their experience,” said Saetermoe.

Triathica offers several membership options free of any sign up fees or hidden costs. To find out more about the facility and becoming a member, visit www.triathica.com, email Jarrett@triathica.com, or call 949.273.6223.

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Triathica Grand Opening Speakers/Events

Tentative Schedule as of 5.26.09

 Time  Speaker  Topic
  9:00 a.m.   Dan Plummer  Lightweight wheel demo
 10:00 a.m. Jamie Flores  Bike fit demo 
 10:30 a.m. Jarrett Pflieger  Dartfish demo 
 11:00 a.m. Ron Saetermoe   Endless Pool demo
 11:30 a.m. Tawnee Prazak  OC Tri on CompuTrainer 
 12:00 p.m. Dan Plummer  Carbon Sports Wheels 
 12:30 p.m. Jarrett Pflieger CycleOps demo
 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Ron Saetermoe Starting Triathica
Kevin Koskella  Triathlon Swim Tips 
Russ Jones  Performing at PacCoast 
Larry Davidson   Getting to Kona
Mike Collins  Measuring Performance 
Julie Swail  Beijing Olympics 


Ron Saetermoe

Ron is a serial entrepreneur having started several companies including Automotive Associates in 1990. Ron is the founder of Triathica, a company dedicated to those that want to “train like a triathlete.” Ron competed in his first triathlon while the sport was still young, in 1983. Since then he has competed in over 100 triathlons including Ironman Coeur d’Alene and Ironman Arizona.

Kevin Koskella

With over 27 years experience in coaching and competing, Kevin Koskella is one of the top triathlon swim coaches in the U.S. today. He coaches masters and triathlete swimmers in San Diego and operates his website www.TriSwimCoach.com, a resource for beginner through intermediate level triathletes looking for help with swimming. The site features a free newsletter, tips and articles on triathlon swimming.

Russ Jones

Russ has been a competitive athlete most of his life and spent much of his early athletic career doing marathons and duathlons. During his quest to make the Olympic team he ran a 2:18 marathon. His Olympic dreams came to an end when he was struck by a car in 1983. At one point he won his age-group in over 30 consecutive triathlons (winning numerous races overall).

Larry (Lar-Dog) Davidson

Larry competed in his first triathlon in 2004 and has been addicted ever since. These days he’s a top age-group triathlete (M50- 54) and usually reaches the podium. He has completed over 20 marathons and has qualified for the Boston Marathon multiple times. In 2006 he qualified for Ironman Kona, in which he competed in 2007. In 2008 he won his age group at the Vineman ½ Ironman and 2nd at this year’s Wildflower triathlon (long course).

Mike Collins

Mike started competing in triathlon in 1984 and raced as a professional from 1988 – 1993. Mike is a top age-group athlete competing primarily in sprint and Olympic distance races these days. Mike is the president of Multisports Orange County and is the head masters coach for Nova Aquatics. His extensive coaching background includes certifications in FIST bike fitting, Pose Method running and USA Triathlon.

Julie Swail Ertel

Julie’s illustrious athletic career includes a silver medal at the 2000 Olympic games in water polo and her win at the Olympic Trials in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to earn her spot on the U.S. Olympic Triathlon Team. Julie finished 19th in Beijing and has since earned podium spots at numerous triathlons including the LA Triathlon, Malibu Triathlon and the U.S. Pro Nationals. Julie currently coaches for Irvine Novaquatics (NOVA) and provides private triathlon, running and stroke lessons.

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