January 22, 2018

Coming Back

Ron Saetermoe

Chances are, if you’re like the majority of triathletes, you haven’t been training much the past several weeks, or months. No, i’m not going to attempt to make you feel guilty for slacking, because I happen to think slacking is good sometimes.

If you think you have to train hard, all of the time, to really perform at your best, you are dead wrong. We all need to give ourselves physical and mental breaks from time to time.

Personally, I’ve still been working out five to six times a week, sometimes twice a day, but most of the efforts have been conservative. After the huge volumes of training leading up to Ironman Arizona I just felt like I needed a break.

The other thing I’ve given myself a break on is my diet. It was my goal to weigh 160 before Ironman Arizona and I reached that goal without sacrificing any strength. And while I’m not generally disciplined with my diet, I did manage to get down to my goal weight.

Since IMAZ, it has been another story. I’ve been eating ice cream, cake and fast food like they’ll be banning it soon. As a result, I’ve gained six pounds since my race. Of course 166 isn’t exactly overweight for a six-foot male, but I definitely feel it.

The one thing I have done is been very disciplined regarding my resistance (strength) training. I’ve been doing two sessions each week for the past three weeks. While I’ve really enjoyed these sessions, I’m also really sore after them. As a result, my other workouts have been compromised because of the muscle soreness.

You have to expect some aches and pains when you reenter the world of triathlon training. The advice here is obvious. Take it slow, and don’t overdo it. On those days when I’m really sore I still try to work out, but will reduce the volume or intensity of these sessions.

For example, last Wednesday I did a very intense hour on the CompuTrainer. While it was really painful, I was so glad I did it. It felt like I still had most of my hard-earned fitness. Later that same day I got on the treadmill with the aim to go another hour. I was fine through the warm-up but just didn’t have “it,” so I stopped after 30 minutes.

So, do I feel guilty for not completing my workout or slacking on my diet? No. If I’m in the same place three weeks from now I’ll be beating myself up for such transgressions, but not now.

It’s a new year and if you’re competing in 2010 it’s time for you to get started. Start back slow. Don’t try to do too much, too soon. If you don’t have “it” on a particular day give yourself a pass. Yes, you’ll want to get very persistent in your training very soon now if you want to have a good season but for now a little slacking is advised.


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