January 22, 2018

CompuTrainer MultiRider

One of the pieces of equipment that sets Triathica apart from the rest is our CompuTrainer MultiRider system. The only one of its kind in Orange County, this unique piece of equipment allows you to ride on some amazing bike routes from around the world, and right in your backyard.

In reality, our CompuTrainer room permits three types of set-ups:

1. Real Bike Course Video: Ride the Ironman courses from Arizona or Coeur d’Alene (single rider)
2. 3-D Interactive: Ride courses from around the world (two riders)
3. MultiRider: Ride courses from around the world (up to six riders)

In addition, the CompuTrainer has “Spin Scan” Pedal Stroke Analyzer that allows you to review your pedal stroke to improve your efficiency.

Come on in and ride with us. Your first Triathica visit is “on the house.” Our walk-in rate is $20.00 for non-members and $15.00 for members. Buy a 10-pack which is $15.00 per session for non-members and $10.00 per session for members.

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