December 15, 2017

Balancing Home Life, Work And Training – Part 1

Every serious athlete struggles to balance home life, work and training. More times than not training loses out. So how can you find the proverbial “balance”? The way I did it was to incorporate interval training into my weekday workouts.

Interval training is essentially a hard effort followed by an easy effort. At Triathica we call this “test and rest.” The test is pushing yourself hard and the rest allows you to regroup before another hard effort. For the “time crunched” athlete you can compress your training into shorter workouts and still get some great results.

Personally, I incorporated two cycling interval workouts on the trainer and two interval workouts on the treadmill every week. I was able to cram about two hours of training into a one hour session and still reap some incredible efforts — efforts that allowed me to qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Kona in 2010!

At the Triathica Academy we’ve developed interval workouts for the bike and run that every athlete can add to their training repertoire. In addition to endurance and strength training, interval workouts round-out the athlete’s training regimen.

Click here to discover how interval training can improve your speed, power, endurance and recovery.

To your success,

Ron Saetermoe

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