January 22, 2018

Interview with Dr. Sam Sunshine – Episode 22

In this episode of TriChatter, Ron and Dr. Sam Sunshine of OC Sports and Wellness (age group triathlete) talk about injuries, the way to treat them and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections for athletes. Especially with athletes who have ligament, tendon, joint pain or problems which seem to be nagging them, keeping them from swimming, biking, or running whatever the case maybe. It is amazing how well PRP helps people achieve that last 20%-30% of healing that just the body wasn’t able to perform on its own.

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Dr. Sam Sunshine is committed to helping his patients realize their personal health goals, fitness objectives, and life balance. He seeks to develop personal and professional relationships with his patients in attaining and maintaining better health habits. Please visit www.ocsportsandwellness.com for more information.

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