January 22, 2018

Interview with Ron Saetermoe

This week Ron and Sherry talk about Ron’s race at Ironman St. George among other things. Hear about his preparation for this Kona qualifier and his race strategy.

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  1. Aida Wasilewski says:

    Thanks Ron and Sherry for the race report. Always enjoy hearing them. Love Sherry’s sense of hummer.
    Since you mentioned our bike crash on this report I thought it would be good to let all your listeners know that I am in did doing GREAT!
    Our crash was no ones fault. As Sherry said these things happen so fast. One minute we were cruising along the next we were in the middle of a swarm of bees. Put my head down to avoid them in my face and mouth and next thing I know I have this searing pain go through me. Its been 8 weeks now and since I was lucky enough not to need surgery for my pelvic fracture all I had to do was keep my weight off my left leg. Just got off my crutches and had my first bike ride yesterday. Felt AWESOME!!!!! Looking forward to getting back to training with coach Ron.
    IM Nice is this Sunday, June 26th. I will be following it on ironmanlive instead of doing the race. No worries there as I have IM Cozumel to look forward to later this year. So lots more bike rides with Ron, to come.
    I Find it amazing how there is so much to learn from another persons race experiences. Like Sherry I have done the backstroke a couple of times now in my races. So listening to Ron’s swim experience at IM St. George was good for me.
    Looking forward to a podcast on heart rate training. I’m with Sherry, not sure it works effectively.


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