January 23, 2018

Ironman Nutrition

Larry (Lar-Dog) Davidson

Lar-Dog, a member of Triathica, and a good friend, recently enlightened us with some of his Ironman nutrition secrets.

According to Davidson, “It’s no secret, really. I simply use Infinit Nutrition’s Ironman formula with a few minor modifications (a calorie and caffeine boost). Inifinit’s regular Ironman formula contains 280 calories but I mix it to three times the normal strength in a 20-ounce bottle. I stir it with a knife or straw to help keep the foaming to a minimum (the protein causes it to foam-up if shaken) and I’m ready to rock!”

While on the bike, Davidson, sips the Infinit blend and chases it down with water from his aero bottle. At aid stations he replenishes the water in the aero bottle and keeps on cranking. He has another bottle waiting for him in his special needs bag and he’s got another 840 calories to help him complete the 112 grueling miles.

In addition, he’ll keep his Gu bottle, caffeine pills and salt tablets handy in the event he needs them. According to Infinit all of your nutrition needs for your endurance event can be satisfied with the Ironman formula – nothing else is needed, other than water.

On the run Davidson takes a Gu early on because as the race wears on it becomes harder to eat solid food. He alternates Coke, Gatorade Endurance and water between the aid stations on the run and takes lots of salt to avoid cramping.

Take it from one of the strongest age group Ironmen, Lar-Dog Larry Davidson if you’re looking for the elusive secrets to an Ironman PR.

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