January 22, 2018

Legends OF The Sport

Ron Saetermoe

I consider myself to be extremely lucky to have been coached by some of the legends of triathlon. And, my coaching goes on still. Yes, even coaches need coaching!

Among my coaches are Dave Scott, Mark Allen, Paul Huddle, Paul Newby Fraser, Michael Lovato, Jimmy Ricitello, Michael McCormack, Mike Collins, Kevin Koskella and John Howard. John who?

If you haven’t seen 50 candles on your birthday cake it’s quite conceivable that you don’t know the name John Howard. Let me fill you in on some of his accomplishments:

 Competed in the 1968, 1972 and 1976 Olympic games
 1971 won the gold medal at the Pan American Games
 7.20.85 set the motor pacing speed record of 152 MPH on the Bonneville Salt Flats on a bicycle
 1981 won the Ironman World Championship

Two years ago after I bought my new Cervelo P3C from Edge Cyclesports I went down to John’s house in San Diego to tweak the already great bike fit I got from Hank. John spent two hours with me, meticulously measuring and testing to make sure I could get as much power as possible. He’s a real pro.

So yesterday (Sunday, February 28th), I’m riding through downtown San Clemente on my way home from a 90-mile ride, and I see a white haired guy up ahead weaving all over the road trying to talk on his cell phone. (Not a good idea but something I have done myself.)

So I pass him and get stuck at the next light. He pulls up behind me but I don’t see his face. Same thing happens for another couple lights. Then all of a sudden this guy takes off downhill BETWEEN the moving cars and weaves in and out of traffic. I’m thinking that I’m about to see a guy get squashed!

Fortunately he gets stopped at another traffic light after his little stunt and I look over at him . . . it’s John Howard, and I say “There’s only one maniac out there that could have made that move!” We chatted for a minute and rode for a couple miles. He checked out my bike fit and as soon as he appeared, he was gone. He must have been motoring along at 35 MPH the last I saw of him.

This sport is great for so many reasons, not least of which are the really great, and approachable people we’ve got in it.


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