December 15, 2017

New Year’s Resolutions – Episode 15

In this edition of TriChatter Ron welcomes triathlon coach Al Gaspari. Al and Ron discuss their New Year’s resolutions. They also discuss what they recommend to athletes and what they do to stick with their resolutions.

iTunes PodcastA lot of us make New Year’s resolutions but few of us stick to them. That’s why you’ll often hear triathletes talk about the great workout they “planned” to do but never quite find the time to do.

Sure, we’re not different than the rest of the population – we make, and break, resolutions just like everyone else. The thing that we do have, that not everyone has, is a really good reason to stick to ours.

By this time you’re probably quite aware that I’m a planning nut. I love to have things planned out. Like my mom, I’ll frequently start packing for a trip weeks in advance. You also know that I encourage YOU to develop your own plans to help make you a better triathlete.
For example, you should have the majority of your triathlon year already planned out. You should already have registered for all of your “A” races and know the other races you may do. If not, do it now, before your key races fill up.

The “thing” we have to help motivate us is our races. While one person may have a resolution to lose a certain number of pounds and another to go to the gym a certain number of times a week, we have our races to help motivate us.

The fact that our races are looming helps keep us motivated. In my case, I signed up for Ironman St. George. This may be the toughest Ironman course in the entire world so I have that haunting my memory every day. And because of that it keeps me motivated to get up at 4:00 a.m. to jump into a freezing cold swimming pool.

You see, these very specific events help keep us motivated so we are extremely lucky in that regard.

So go on and make your resolution – you’ll stick to yours,


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