January 23, 2018

Peters Canyon Summer Trail Run Series

I’d heard about the Peters Canyon Summer Trail Run Series put on by Jonathan Pauley of Renegade Racing (renagaderaceseries.com) but had never competed until Thursday, July 9th. If you haven’t done this race, you should.

For $30.00 you get a great trail race and either a burger or hot dog meal or a series T-shirt. Either way it’s a great deal!

The three races take place on various Thursday evenings at Peters Canyon Wilderness Park in Tustin. The event is very well organized and is located at the park so it’s a great place to bring the entire family.

Since this was my first time to the event I had no idea what to expect. I made my way to the starting area a bit late and heard one of my Orange County Triathlon Club buddies, Stan Gertler, call my name. I elbowed my way into the starting corral alongside Stan and we were off.

I understand the race may circle through Peters Canyon from either direction, but both are challenging. Stan assured me that this was the “easier” way. Didn’t seem like it to me!

Essentially, the majority of the course is run on the trails open to hikers, mountain bikers, coyotes, and anyone else that wants to use them. We encountered everything, short of the coyotes.

The first half of the 5-mile run was very challenging with lots of climbing. At one point I was contemplating walking but didn’t. It was tough!

The second half of the run was mostly downhill. What a relief!

I got a side-stitch at about mile three that didn’t go away but felt like I was pushing a pretty good pace. I passed a few other runners as we neared the finish. One guy in particular was in my sights. I let the younger runners and women pass me without a fight (that’s right, I don’t mind being “chicked”) but anyone near my age group will be challenged.

Good thing I mounted the challenge because I found out later that the guy I passed with about 200 yards to go was in my age group and had been in 1st place.

I won my age group with a time of 37:16 (7:27 pace) and Lamar Sepulveda finished in 2nd (M50-54) with a time of 37:17! A great race I’ll remember for a long time.
Ron Saetermoe

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