January 22, 2018

San Dieguito Half Marathon

SoCal Half MarathonUntil a couple weeks ago I’d never heard of the San Dieguito Half Marathon. That’s the problem with living in paradise – there are so many great options.

As you know, I’m into my Ironman training now, and as part of that I love the half marathon race distance. The distance really seems to help build speed and endurance without trashing you for a couple weeks.

San Dieguito is down in Rancho Santa Fe in San Diego County just east of Solana Beach. The area is beautiful with lots of trees and hills. Seven of us carpooled down there, which was fun in itself. Since we had a woman on board we were all on our best behavior (no farting!).

The weather was perfect and San Dieguito Park was beautiful. Truly a great place for a picnic if you’re looking to get away.

The race starts down the hill from San Dieguito Park and winds through the streets of Rancho Santa Fe, over the aforementioned hills. Hills at times that didn’t seem to have an end!

Scott (Scooter) Callender and Larry (Lar Dog) Davidson set the pace for our group. I started to run with Gary Clendenin but couldn’t hang with him.

At about mile two I saw Lar Dog off on the left side of the road working on his foot. He had a sharp pain in the top of his foot that forced him to stop. After about a minute he’d fixed the problem and promptly blew by me.
Shortly after that I passed Gary at one of the aid stations. I didn’t look back but thought he was just behind me. It wasn’t until later that I saw he’d dropped back a bit.

Since I loaded my legs from a 50+ mile bike ride the day before with Stu Lowndes into Huntington Beach I was hurting the entire way (RPE 10). There were opposing forces at work. My legs ached so they didn’t want to go fast but my heart rate was also up because I’d trashed myself the day before. Either way there wouldn’t be a PR in it for me today.

Everyone had a great time but Scooter absolutely killed this really tough course!

Scott Callender: 1:30:58 (6:57)
Larry Davidson: 1:33:55 (7:10)
Ron Saetermoe: 1:37:23 (7:26)
Kari Krause: 1:37:28 (7:27)
Gary Clendenin: 1:38:24 (7:31)
Sara Gilles: 1:39:43 (7:37)
Pete Kobrak: 1:41:42 (7:46)
Other notable racers:
Kate Major: 1:20:24 (6:08)
Michellie Jones: 1:22:18 (6:17)
Joanna Zeiger: 1:22:42 (6:19)

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