January 22, 2018

Staying Motivated

Ron Saetermoe

It’s not always easy to stay motivated. For me, it’s easy to stay motivated as an important race is approaching (mostly because of the fear I suppose) but in the beginning or middle of my year it certainly isn’t.

I actually think you can develop motivation as a habit (or addiction). I’m one of those people that never has to set an alarm to get up in the morning, no matter what time I get to bed. Without fail I’m up at 5:00 every morning. Sometimes a half hour earlier or later but almost always at 5:00.

So here’s what I find: I go through stages prior to my workout.

Stage 1: Get moving. So when I’m awake and I’m not feeling particularly motivated I can either lie there or attempt to go back to sleep (which is rare) or just start moving. I’ll use the restroom, get a drink, get dressed and try to get my mind into the workout I have planned (yes, all of my workouts are planned well in advance).

Stage 2: Dial back. At this point I’ll frequently convince myself that I’ll dial back my workout. This helps me get started. Hey, a 30-minute easy spin sounds better than a 60-minute sufferfest! Dave Scott always said any workout is better than no workout.

Stage 3: Get started. So I’ll start out on my swim/bike/run workout satisfied that I’m going to work less than my plan. Then, something funny happens – the workout doesn’t seem so bad so I enter the next mental stage of my workout.

Stage 4: Bring it! Generally, once I get started I feel better than I thought I would. That’s not always the case but usually is so I muscle through the first couple intervals. It feels hard, but definitely doable.

Stage 5: I did it! After I’ve finished one of my planned workouts when it looked like I might totally sloth, I’m very proud of myself. Sure it’s exactly what I had planned but I could have just as easily skipped it. Damn I’m good!

This is how it works for me on those days I’m just not feeling motivated. What do you do?


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