January 22, 2018

T2 Triathlon Pace Calculator iPhone App

Triathica Tribute is an iPhone Application that is made up of swim, bike, and run conversion calculators. Triathica Tribute is to assist you in learning what pace you need to go or went in a swim, bike or run. If you are a triathlete there is a transitions page to account for the time used during T1 & T2 and also a total results page.

You can monitor, track and record your pace of an entire workout or race. Consequently, being able to track your pace – not to mention tailoring your workouts to meet your goals – is an extremely useful training tool. Monitoring your pace will avoid stressing your body so, you will maximize the efficiency of your training, while minimizing the opportunity for injury. Whether it is being used for a race or for training, for one mile or for 140.6, Triathica Tribute iPhone App. will give you an accurate and easy way to quantify your progress.

The Pro version is the same as the Lite version, with the added ability to store and retrieve your data and calculations.

Triathica iPhone Screen ShotTriathica iPhone Screen ShotTriathica iPhone Screen Shot


- Calculate pace and speed for swim, bike, run or triathlon.
- Calculate total times for swim, bike, run and triathlon workouts and races.
- Many common race distances are included but you can enter your own distances as well.
- Both imperial and metric distances are available.
- Separate screen to enter your transition times.
- Enter times with the handy “wheels.”
- Calculates/recalculates pace and speed instantly.
- Save your workout/race data by date and name. (Pro version only)

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