January 22, 2018

Taper Period

Ron Saetermoe

So your “A” race is over. You’re probably feeling good about your experience (if you prepared adequately) and are still hobbling around and nursing your blisters. Good for you!

What’s next? This is typically when many triathletes start getting depressed. All of the hard work is behind them and there is no immediate goal on the horizon. Wow! No mandatory 4:30 a.m. alarms and jumping into a freezing pool!

Your top priority now is to slack off! That’s right; take it easy for the next several weeks. Sleep in, eat some fast food and stay off your feet.

This period in your training is just as important as all of the other periods because you need to allow your body to heal from the constant pounding you’ve been giving it. Many triathletes worry about losing all of the hard-earned fitness during this period, and you will lose some, but it will come back.

My favorite activities when I’m in the taper period is swimming, easy bike rides and walking. All three will help you recover and won’t tax your body unnecessarily.

Enjoy these weeks. Plan your next season and just take it easy . . .

The key things about the Taper Period are:

- Any workouts should be directed toward recovery not fitness building
- Concentrate on low impact exercise with low intensity
- It’s okay to so some light resistance training
- Enjoy the taper . . . next season is just ahead!

Here’s what the ideal Triathica year looks like:

Again, we feel that three, three-week cycles within each period is optimal for building fitness and recovery. The time to build strength, speed and endurance is upon you. Make the best of it!



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