December 15, 2017

Train Like a Triathlete

Many consider triathletes among the fittest people on the planet, and they would be right. Triathletes are unique individuals in that they go beyond “exercising,” and “working out” to delicately balancing all of the demands of normal life while training for THREE sports!

When we say, “train like a triathlete” we mean that Triathica provides all of the resources you need in order to compete in the sport of triathlon. Some of our clients are highly competitive and others don’t have any desire to complete a triathlon, they only want to train the way triathletes do.
Everyone is welcome at Triathica, whether you compete or not. The common bond between us is that we have a passion for triathlon. We love the sport and respect those that are in it.

Training for triathlon is different than training for other sports simply because there are three distinct disciplines involved. You can’t simply train like a swimmer, cyclist and runner; you must train like a triathlete. Training for each sport individually generally results in burnout, injury or both.

Comprehensive triathlon training goes beyond training for the swim, bike and run, but includes the other three equally important elements of resistance training, flexibility training and nutrition. Only by including all of these elements can one really reach their highest level of performance.

Triathica can provide you all of the help you need to reach your potential. For some that means making the podium in their “A” race, and others it simply means training like a triathlete.

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