January 24, 2018

Volunteers at Triathlon Races

Triathlons and triathletes owe much of their success to volunteers. According to Ironman.com, there were more than 5,000 volunteers at Ironman Hawaii this year. The race lasts 17 hours but some individuals may volunteer for more than 20 hours on race day alone. It must be a great feeling to help total strangers achieve their goals.

The sport of triathlon simply wouldn’t exist without all of the volunteers that help out with the races. They’re there well before the race starts and long after it’s over. They help out with everything from registration to trash clean-up and everything in-between.

iTunes Podcast Ron and Sherry extend their gratitude for these selfless folks and talk about some of the volunteer work they’ve done themselves.

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  1. Mark Arenal says:

    Enjoyed the interview /discussion on volunteers. Thanks for the mention! Working Ironman in Kona is truly a great experience for a tri-geek /Ironfan like me.
    Volunteering at a triathlon especially an Ironman is definitely a chance for an up close and personal look at the sport; the best seat in the house as they say!

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