January 22, 2018

Triathlon Training Philosophy

No given workout, training plan, or conditioning approach is right for every person. Although there are certain traits that we all share, each of us is a unique individual. Our coaching is based around the unique needs of each person with whom we work.

We do everything we can to provide the best instruction, advice, support, and training programs suited to help YOU reach YOUR performance goals. When you work with us, one of our USAT certified coaches can create a custom training plan based upon your goals and current level of fitness. It is our aim to understand you, your goals, your lifestyle, and your response to training in order to create the best program possible! Your goals are our goals!

triathlon training programQuality Over Quantity Nothing worthwhile is ever accomplished without hard work. But sometimes this is taken too far in the endurance sports world where many people believe that “more is better”. An athlete should train with high quality, knowing that the better he/she trains, the better he/she will perform. We STRONGLY believe that training with high quality is more important than doing as much training as possible. Training with high quality means that each training session and each day of your life is lived with a purpose, designed to help you constructively work towards your goals. We feel strongly that doing things well is much more important than simply working hard and long. We’ll help you to train with greater purpose and quality! We do not want you to ever be doing things just to get them done. We believe the idea of conditioning is to enhance your ability to move while improving your health and having fun! You can rest assured that we only prescribe training and other advice that is of the highest quality. The result of this attention is that instead of training to go slow with lots of effort and in an environment of tremendous fatigue and potential for injury, we help you train to go faster with less effort in an environment of being healthy and having fun!

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