December 15, 2017

Trying New Stuff

Ron Saetermoe

Where would we be if we never tried new stuff? Back in the dark ages, that’s where. Triathlon is one of those sports where many people are trying new stuff to gain that competitive edge . . . and I’m one of them.

Of course, you never want to try new stuff on race day; although we seem to repeat this mistake again and again. The time to try it is during your workouts and determine whether you think it will work on race day.

For example, a couple issues ago we did an article on Larry Davidson’s Ironman nutrition. I tried his secret elixir (Infinit) in practice and used it during the Vineman 70.3. I loved it and will now incorporate its use in my longer workouts and races.

I broke the rule recently, accidentally. I had Dan Plummer of Wheels on Wheels transport my bike back from Santa Rosa (great service by the way) and picked it up at Edge Cyclesports (great bike shop by the way) and let it sit the entire week. I often lose the love for my bike after a competition. Anyway, I didn’t get around to washing out my aero bottle, which I normally do in my dishwasher.

So while getting my stuff packed for the Pacific Coast Triathlon Saturday evening I noticed my dirty aero bottle. Since the dishwasher was empty I decided to wash it by hand (here’s where the mistake happened). I washed it out the best I could with soap and water and mounted it back on my bike.

Sunday morning I filled the bottle with water (I only use water in sprint distance races) and I was ready to go. Wrong!!! With the first sip I realized I’d made a BIG mistake . . . apparently I didn’t rinse the spongy thing well enough and the water tasted like dish soap!

What to do? I’m riding as hard as I can and I’m sweating like crazy. So I keep drinking. You can probably guess what happened next . . . yep, I’m spitting up soapy water.

This is just another example of not trying anything new when racing. Here’s one potential innovation in triathlon nutrition I think we can take off the list.


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