January 23, 2018

Why Do You Race Triathlons?

Have you ever thought about WHY you race triathlons? That question
really perplexes people until they’ve actually done one, then the
answers start to fly. And those that have “braved” the Iron-distance
triathlons have an additional set of reasons.

Here are some we’ve heard:

  • The training helps keep me in shape.
  • I feel better about myself.
  • I like working out for a purpose rather than just stay in shape.
  • It’s fun!
  • I like trying to better my time from the last race.
  • I look forward to the race.
  • To feed my competitive spirit.
  • I don’t necessarily like to race but it feels good when I stop!
  • The races help push me to new limits.
  • The race itself is a test of my fitness.
  • I race to be at my best.
  • It’s something most people don’t do.
  • Because I like people to think I’m crazy!
  • I race because I can’t stop!
  • I enjoy the fellowship.

Post Your reason below . . .

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  1. Jeff Brack says:

    A Triathlon is concentrated life. The emotions of extreme misery to utter elation and bliss can all be experienced within even a 1 hour event…nothing like it.

  2. Aida Wasilewski says:

    When I’m racing I feel like a kid again.

  3. Bob Steckline says:

    I promised myself that I would be in my best shape by the time I turned 60. I never imagined it would feel this good.

  4. Steve Lee says:

    I race triathlons because it helps me stay grounded in life and how I live it. Things often don’t as planned but you power through it with one stroke, one peddle, and one step at a time.

  5. Keith Gilley says:

    I have Leukemia and that is my way of showing that I will win. I believe that the “Ironman” calls you, you do not wake up one morning and decide to do one. God decides what we go through but it is up to us to decide how we go through it.

  6. tonyb says:

    I race because they’re so much fun. I love the variety of the sports (unlike a foot race, there’s swimming and biking) is interesting. The faces and emotions of people before the swim ,the anticipation, the nerves, all that pent up energy, the national anthem before the event. The competitors are generally all friendly, you share a common bond of the challenge.. it makes me feel alive, and did I mention its fun as heck to swim, bike run, an dyeah sure a little bragging rights to the non-triathletes..

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